Alice is very grateful to all of the support the project has received over the years. This support has allowed Alice to be made freely available as a public service, allowed us to support the creation of amazing curriculum, and provide professional development to teachers around the world.

Curriculum Partners
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<p><strong>NSF Grants</strong></p>

NSF Grants

NSF ITEST (DRL-1031351) Collaborative Research: Scaling up an Innovative Approach for Attracting Students to Computing
NSF (0903271) Transition: Alice 2 to Alice 3 in Community Colleges
NSF (0833496) Strategies: ACTIVATE: Advancing Computing and Technology Interest and innovation through Teacher Education
NSF (0849104) Beta-testing for Alice 3
NSF (0835371) Collaborative Research: Enabling Independent Learning of Computer Programming Using Programs Written by Peers
NSF (0736552) A Collaborative Research: Alice += Java
NSF (0618531) Collaborative Research: Alice and Media Computation
NSF (0624528) An Innovative Approach for Attracting Students to Computing
NSF(0339734) A Visualization Using Virtual Worlds
NSF(0302542) JABRWOC — Java-based Animation: Building virtual Worlds for Object-oriented programming in Community colleges

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