Current Team
  • Melanie Lam Melanie Lam
  • Daniel Abeshouse Daniel Abeshouse
  • Dave Culyba Dave Culyba
  • Steve Audia Steve Audia
Advisory Board
  • Adrienne Decker Adrienne Decker
  • Jesse Schell Jesse Schell
  • Mark Stehlik Mark Stehlik
  • Joe Shochet Joe Shochet
In Memoriam
Randy Pausch

Randy was a Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Design at Carnegie Mellon, and co-founder of the Entertainment Technology Center. He also served as the Director of Carnegie Mellon’s Alice research group, where he oversaw the development of Alice.

He was a National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator and a Lilly Foundation Teaching Fellow. In 1995, he spent a Sabbatical with the Walt Disney Imagineering Virtual Reality Studio and consulted with Imagineering on interactive theme park attractions, particularly for the “DisneyQuest” virtual-reality based theme park. Dr. Pausch authored or co-authored five books and over 60 reviewed journal and conference proceedings articles, and his primary interests were human-computer interaction, entertainment technology and undergraduate education.

Randy Pausch
Collaborating Faculty
  • Caitlin Kelleher Caitlin Kelleher
  • Stephen Cooper Stephen Cooper
  • Jacobo Carrasquel Jacobo Carrasquel
  • Saquib Razak Saquib Razak
Previous Alice Team Members
  • Eric Brown Eric Brown
  • Wanda Dann Wanda Dann
  • Dennis Cosgrove Dennis Cosgrove
  • Don Slater Don Slater
  • Laura Paoletti Laura Paoletti
  • Gabe Yu Gabe Yu
  • Peihong Tan Peihong Tan
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