Alice 3.3 Released!
By Eric Brown
We are excited to announce a new release of Alice 3 version 3.3.  You can download this newest version here.  It is packed full of great new models, new features, and bug fixes.  As always we would love to hear from you about things you would like to see in Alice, learn about pesky bugs you would like to see go away,  and any other feedback that can help us improve and innovate Alice.  Contact us here.
New Haunted Theme!
Explore the new world of our haunted circus.  There are many great characters, props, and even a new train vehicle.  In the future we will be sharing story ideas and character backgrounds that can help spark creative ideas for animations and interactive projects.  The train provides great opportunities for animating the train along the tracks using built in arrays!
A great new class that we hope to add more characters to in the future.  Slithers are great for quickly getting started animating movements around the world without having to worry about pesky walk cycles.  We hope to explore more characters that will lend to more interesting uses of built in arrays for locomotion and create some great tutorials for this so check back often.
We have created some new built in poses for different classes and objects to help easily animate some common motions.  A great example is the addition of spread and fold wing poses on the flyer class to help you easily animate the flapping of wings!
Gallery Clean Up!
We have done the most extensive QA on our gallery to date to fix a number of bugs reported by users.  This included a large pass to joint orientations for objects to insure that all objects of a specific class have the same base joint orientations.  We apologize if this has complicated existing worlds where you have worked hard to adapt animations for these inconsistencies.  We do hope that the overall benefit of being able to use inheritance to share methods safely between all objects of the same class is worth it.  We are planning to create some tutorials that explain the layout for each class.
And  Much More!
We have added Turkish and Greek language support as well as many other helpful new features and bug fixes that we hope will improve your experience with Alice.  Read here for a full list of all of the other changes including in this release.