Alice is in Search of a New Logo
By Eric Brown

Over here at The Alice Project we have been working hard on a project to refresh our website bringing about all kinds of new resources and community value (more updates coming soon).

As part of that project we are embarking on a voyage to rebrand and refresh the Alice logo.  We are doing so because our audience is broadening in ages and demographics and the times are changing so we felt it was time for the logo to better reach out to our new audience and reflect their changes in design sensibilities.  Who better to help us understand what logo would best reflect and attract our community than the community itself.  We have gone through one initial design pass already and are very appreciative of the people that gave feedback in small focus groups.  It is now time to take the second pass to a broader audience.  To that end we ask that if you have some time please take a quick survey and give feedback on our newest round of logo directions.  We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to tackle this exciting challenge.

Please Take Our New Logo Survey Here!