This is an example of an interactive narrative that was created by a student working for the Alice Team.  This project was also created to showcase different applications of proximity and collision detection programming patterns in Alice.  The behind the scenes design process documentation is provided to show the Alice interactive narrative design process in action and to provide an example of what a design document for an interactive narrative project might look like.  The example design document can be used as a template for your own projects.

The student was challenged with the following design constraints when thinking of their idea:

– Create cool examples of an open world interactive narrative using the following programming elements
– Collision Detection
– Proximity Detection

Evergarden is an artistic world that effortlessly guides players through a nature-themed experience using indirect controls and a beautifully crafted environment.  Players navigate the world as a rain goddess bringing life to plants after a drought.  Through pre-production design and playtesting, the student created a final world that is immersive and engaging.

In addition to the final world we have attached the prototypes of the different components created during the design process.  Look at the design document for more information about each example.