This lesson is intended to be an introduction to creating and using custom procedural methods and provide exercise options for participants to apply the use of procedural methods. This should be one of the early lessons in any Alice curriculum.  Creating and using user generated procedural methods is important for teaching several key concept of computer science and is a great way to help students structure their code and benefit from the power of inheritance and code reuse. 

Learning Objectives Covered in this Lesson

• Review what is a method in Alice
• Review the different between a built in procedure and a user generated procedure
• The benefits of creating and using procedural methods
• How to add and use a procedural methods
• How to share methods between projects
• Where to find additional resources for building and using procedural methods

The Skills addressed in this lesson are:

Using User Generated Procedural Methods 
• Creating a procedural method  
• Using a custom procedural method
• Exporting and importing custom methods

Other Alice Skills
• Using the Clipboard