VR ready! Are you? Alice 3.9 update
By Melanie Lam

A new update for Alice 3 is here!  

Big and little improvements make it easier to navigate and set up a scene by centering the camera on your selected object.

This release allows you to open your existing saved projects in VR mode. Coupled with the Alice Player on the Meta App Lab, it’s never been easier to get your worlds into VR.

  • VR improvements:
    • Optional conversion on open of any world with cameras.
    • Convert cameraMakers as well.
    • Better placement of hand and headset.
  • Extend Centering in Camera to the Main camera and make it usable by double click on scene tree
  • Improvements to Find in Code and Gallery Search logic. Handle odd characters and multiple terms. Searches more aspects of models, including resource names and localized identifiers.
  • Change getDistanceTo to accept SThing instead of the stricter STurnable to match other distance functions.
  • Improved RTL text handling in both say/think and 3D TextModel.
  • Better handling of Project Thumbnails and shown in more places.
  • Improved icon handling
  • I18N – Pulled recent translations in from lokalise.com.
  • Updated javafx.
  • Bug fixes. Many to prevent the Red Queen.

There are known issues with certain audio formats which we will address soon! Look for @aliceprojectcmu on instagram.

Download Alice 3.9 for Mac/Windows/Linux!

Get the Alice Player for VR  (requires a VR headset)

Get the Alice Player for Mac/Windows/Linux